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Harmony in Humanism for APAC 2017 Coaching Conference

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Tim Gallwey in his classic book on coaching ‘The Inner Game of Work’ recognized that “to improve performance we have to reduce interference”. He therefore stated, “Potential – Interference = Performance”. The ultimate goal of all coaches and all people involved in the coaching industry is to enhance and enable their clients to be able to live up to their full potential by performing at their very best. Therefore, we can probably say that in order for that to happen, it is the coaches’ duty to their clients to guide them to a path that is without interference from the obstacles that stand in the client’s way. The best possible way to live a life without interference is then to live a life of harmony. Throughout history and time, harmony has been one of the highest goals of humanism. If we were to take a close look at all religions, all philosophies, and all great teachings, we would be able to find that they all aim for humanity to reach a point of being able to live in harmony with self, others, nature, and ultimately to achieve harmony within humanism itself. With the above stated, I would therefore like propose for “Harmony in Humanism” to be APAC’s (Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches) 2017 Coaching Conference main theme.

Our world today is sadly ridden with many interferences, we are plagued with wars both at international and domestic levels, unfair treatment of people who the majority of society views as different, and many injustices that are still occurring because of the lack harmony in humanism. As one of Asia’s leading organizations, APAC should then address this issue as one of the main objectives of organizing APAC’s coaching conferences is to promote harmony within its members and the coaching community. The theme of “Harmony in Humanism” would provide a wide and deep enough ground for all guest speakers and attendees, as it is something that both parties can relate to. The reason I say this is because harmony can be addressed at 4 levels as follows,

  1. Harmony in the individual human being
  2. Harmony in the family
  3. Harmony in society and
  4. Harmony in nature / existence

Therefore, no matter who the speakers and attendees are or where they come from, they all belong and fit into the above 4 levels. And, harmony can be reached or be attempted to be reached at all 4 levels also, depending on which level the speakers or attendees would like to focus on. If the ultimate goal of coaches is to enhance and enable their clients to be able to live up to their full potential by performing at their very best, harmony is then a key element in making that possible.

As a regular attendee of APAC’s coaching conferences, I have recognized how APAC has always provided a space for the attendees to learn and appreciate the difference between other members and to celebrate diversity, all of which promote and uphold harmony. Therefore, our conference in 2017 should of course be no different. As Asia’s leading organization, we should always strive to make society a better place and to have a part in bringing humanity closer to harmony. In 2017, I propose we do that by promoting “Harmony in Humanism”.